Why we should be all Vegetarian ?

the word vegetarian has been used for the first time in 1839 describing a diet based on vegetable excluding the consulption of meat. the latin root of the word refers to the source of life . Many anthropoligists believe that early humans were mainly vegetarians and ate plant foods. this point of view is supported by the fact that the human digestive system and teeths resembles that of other planteaters rather than that of meat-eaters. the early « human as plant-eater » view is supported by the fact that humans on meat-based diet is consideerd as the major illness of the « modern civilization » such  as heart disease and cancer much more frequently the people eating vegetarins diets. the word vegetarianism is often related to the Greek mathematicvian Pythagoras who was a vegetarian and vegetarians were often called Pythagoricians until a different word were created.

the common opinion belive that vegetarianism  isn’t just unhealty but it is impossible tu survive on a vegetarian diet. To vegetarians is oftent opposed the argument of complemntaing protein which become a conatgious but faslse idea. the idea that we must combine protein is  absolutely wrong and it is just a theory issued from expeiments on rats rats. the problem that thetre had never been any studies on humans only on rats. if protein was really necessary for life, then how did pigs, cow and chickens who eat nothing but grains and other plants. How we can explain that were are eating farm animals for protein and they are eating nothing but plants ? finally plant foods are not as « deficient » in various protein or aminoacids as the common opinion adn the lobby of meat would make belive.