Introduction to the history of Vegetarianism : Why should we read Henry Stephen Clubb ?

Introduction to the history of vegetarianism :

Why  should we read Henry Stephen Clubb (1827-1922) ?

In 1903, Henry Stephen Clubb published his famous pamphlet entitled  » Thirty-Nine reasons why I am a vegetarian.; Proving the  Henry Stephen Clubb dead aged 95 years old.  Clubb was an English pioneer vegetarian who emigrated to the United states His parents had been vegetarian. In 1842 he joined a community based at Ham Common, Richmond, Surrey which was experimenting with an alternative lifestyle encompassing reformed education labour and gender realation, cloting and diet.  During his journey to London, he had made acquaintance with James Simpson, the wealthy leader of the early English vegetarian movement. and published a letter in the movement’s first organ, the vegetarian Advocate. . in 1850, Clubb became a local secretary for the vegetarian Society in 1853 Clubb emigrated to the United States and settled first at New York where he became journalist. During the civil Clubb fought for the North and after the war he went to Michigan where he founded the Clarion newspaper and became as editor and Publisher in New Haven. From 1871 he was a member of the state legislature as Senator and five years later he became the minister of the Bible Christian congregation at Philadelphia. Clubb became the president of the American Vegetarian Society and edited its journal Food, Home and garden. As the president of the American Vegetarian Society and as veteran of early British Vegetarianism, he played an active role in the spread and the popularizing of vegetarian cause through his speeches, meetings and conferences explaining the true meaning and purpose of vegetarianism.