Food Revolution network

Food Revolution network was for me very pleasant discovery enhancing my willingness to continue my personal adventure after first going vegetarian in 1991 and then vegan 16 years ago. I can personally testify that thanks to my plant based diet, I have nerver been ill since this time, I never been at hospital or went to doctor. thanks to such healthy life, I have enjoyed the life to the fullest. While friends of mine, meateaters are often ill, struck down by the decease whose planned projects are upset by myriad of health problems causing mental, psychological and moral sufferings. it is worth repreating this sentense, of common sense, those who are enjoying strong health have thousands dreams, those who haven’t it, they have only one dream, get it back. I’m grateful to Food revolution network and to John and Ocean Robbins for their courageous combat and dedication to learn and educate people all over the world the way to live healthy during their lifetime.