10 tips to live healthy and happy(watch this workshop)hosted by Food revolution

Warm Greetings from France to all six participants in this workshop starting within 73 minutes from now. Unfortunately, I will miss maybe a part of this exciting workshop but I hope that there will be a replay to listen and learn more again about the 10 tips aimed at maximizing our health and our wellbeing thanks to Plant based Diet as I have already personally adopted this healthy diet since 1991 and I can testify today, 33 years after that banning meat from my plate helped me enjoying life without being ill, without fatal deceases like cancer, diabetes, stroke, heart attack. During this 33-year span, I have never been sick, never been in hospital, I never went to doctor and consequently I have realized all my planned projects without delay. Given my personal experience, I encourage people in particular low-income people to switch to plant-based diet and to go step by step, firstly to be vegetarian like me and later fully becoming vegan like me 16 years after being vegetarian. Banning meat and dairy products from our plate, would allow humans to live healthy but also to spare animal sufferings, in the slaughterhouses where millions of innocent animals are exterminated, to protect environment and finally the entire planet.